My BBC Master
June 2020

In the search how to write programs or how to convert them for my BBC Master, I discovered Accelerator from Computer Concepts in one of the old magazines.
This program would give me the possibility to write a BASIC program and convert it into a machine code version.
After a WOW and YEHAAH, I started to look around on the Internet to find these ROMs.

A little search on the web brought me to ROM images, but without a manual.
So I asked the Stairway to Hell forum if someone knew he application and ROMs and luckily someone did. He was so kind and willing to send me a scanned manual.
I OCRed the pages and created a totally new version of the manual. (as close as I could to the original one).

So here it is.
A fully OCRed version (and polished here and there) of the manual of Accelerator.




I posted this file on the Stairway to Hell forum and there we found out that it does not work on a BBC Master.
But as the ROMs do not work, the converted Machine code version of your application does work on a Master. So you have to convert your program on a BBC and the result program will run (as far as I could see) on a Master. If you found out other things about this Accelerator, please contact me.

Accelerator V1.05                
Accelerator V1.06