My BBC Master
may . 2020

There are a lot of websites with loads of information to be found for the 8 bit Acorn machines. It is impossible to mention them all, but there are a view I would like to mention.


The place for the community of the Acorn 8 bit series. A lot of answers can be fund here, and if not, just ask. They don't bite.
For the retro gamer is this the site to visit. All old and new games can be found here. Even today the games for the 8 bit Acorn machines a created and published.
The 8 bit machines from Acorn have a history in educational software. All titles created through time are collected here and most of them can be downloaded here.
A site to mention as BBC Master owner. A lot can be found here about these machines, and it's extensions. is a site where a lot can be found for programmers but also handy tools for the 8 bot Acorn.
Through the 80's a lot of PD software was produced (and still is). Most if this software is collected and put on this site. Also scanned magazines can be found here.
Spare parts, repairing and hardware help. Retroclinic is a place to visit. (My own master comes from this place, refurbished and all)