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New manuals uploaded 19 july 2020

The following manuals have been uploaded.
All OCRed manuals (including the older ones) are in pdf and have internal links from the index to the right pages.

New uploads 7 july 2020

Have uploaded a bunch of new AMX mouse software and manuals.

  • AMX Pagemaker manual (the 1.7 release)
  • Super Art Master version
  • Stop Press Watford Electronics release (manual will follow)
  • Stop Press ROM release completed
  • Stop Press Disc release for Master
  • AMX Utilities. - Extra Utilities for the AMX mouse

The Accelerator page (a language system from Computer Concepts) is converted from the old site.

And the LEGO Lines pages is added and corrected with all school workbooks, and manuals.

Also updated is the Vaocabulary Tester program. An educational program to test your vocabularity.

Uploaded the AMX MAX manual 23 june 2020

Just finished and uploaded the AMX MAX manual (the follow up of the AMX Desk)

Site Upgrade 18 june 2020

The website has been rewritten from ground up and updated.
Some new categories are added and others are removed.

The educational section has shrunk to a minimal. This because there is a very good site where all educational software for the Acorn series can be found. You can find it at the Educational Software Archive, from Flexcottage.
There is still an educational section, but the software you will find there is what I have created myself, or have been a part in. This can be scanning manuals, creating disc images or other activities

Totally new is the AMX and Watford Electronics Mouse category. With these 2 pages I would like to make a complete overview what has been created (including manuals and disc images) with a short explanation what to use and in what combination.

Hope you all like the new info that can be found here.