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Vocabulary Tester
june 2020

Vocabulary Tester is a program to test someone’s vocabulary.
I came up with this program when my son went to school and he had to learn his languages (English, French and German)

Back in the 80’s I had used my Electron to test my vocabulary with a program from the Beebug. So I found this program and wondered if my son could use this program too. But when I found it I noticed that you needed a lot of knowledge of the 8 bit Acorn machines and that you have to know a lot of commands to get the job done before you could start testing. And I was wondering if my son would be interested to learn that, because he grew up with mouse and window based operating system with an Apple logo on it. So that made me decide to create a program like the Beebug one, but more friendlier. I firstly started to convert the Beebug program, but after some work I started all over and created my own version. There is a little bit left of the Beebug software in it. That is the part when you test yourself and that the computer checks how correct your translation is and if you get a second chance to correct yourself or not.

I can say that it helps my son a lot, and hope it helps other people too.

For my son Rens from Koen



Vocabulary Editor - V2.6 (English)            
Vocabulary Editor - V2.6 (Dutch)              



Version History
jun. 2020 - V 2.6 Public release
And English version published
V 2.0 - V2.5 Leaving the Beebug program and created my own version of the program
V 1.0 Converte Beebug version of the program