My BBC Master
LEGO Lines
June 2020

LEGO Lines was a programming environment for educational use at schools.
Or as they say : "The aim of the materials is to develop a student's competence in solving problems."

There where several Lego sets/combinations available.
What I found is that you had 2 Technic Lego sets with the Lego numbers 1090 and number 1092.
One building set contained all kinds of Technic Lego parts, like motors, blocks, gears in several sizes and cables to connect it all. Special about these sets where, back in those days, that it had little light sensors and little switches that could give a signal if you would use a computer.

When you would use a computer to control the motors and read out the sensors and switches you needed a Lego Interface. (Lego number 70455) and the software.

For schools Lego developed a total teacher/student learning system. And they made it available for several systems. Among them where the BBC Micro (Lego 1455) and Apple II (Lego 950-035)

I managed to collect a Technic Lego set 1090, the Lego Interface and the software and educational books. (see images on the right)

Below you will find the several downloads.
The manuals can be downloaded in 2 sizes. The Hi-Res versions are around the 200 Mb.

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LEGO Lines

The disc images come in 3 variations.

  • Version 1.0 :
      (as I call it) is the original version I received from Elminster (
  • Version 1.1 :
      is the debugged version. There are some bugs in the original version that I have debugged.
  • Version 1.2:
      is an altered version. It is the same as V1.1 but I changed it which makes it more friendlier when using multiple drives.
      Also I added the BASIC routines on side 2, which I could find in one of the manuals. Originally they where delivered on a different disc.


Lego Lines V1.o (original version)                  
Lego Lines V1.1 (debug version)                  
Lego Lines V1.2 (altered version)                  
Classroom Materials (High Res.)                          
Recourse Booklet (High Res.)                          
Resources Booklet (Low Res.)                          
Teachers Book (High Res.)                          
Teachers Book (Low Res.)