My BBC Master
November 2011

ADMENU is a utility that load into Sideways RAM and gives the user the possibility to move, copy, navigate through your files on your disk.
I created this utility for ADFS in the first place (because you can use folder into folders), but also works fine with the DFS and RFS file system.
It is written in BASIC (so sometimes not that fast) and uses a lot of the internal commands from the BBC Master, or commands that are available with the ADFS/DFS/RFS system.

I use it at the moment my self in combination with RetroClinic Data Centre, and it is very useful that you can organize all your files in all the different folders and drives, and copy/move files between the different drives.

I suggest when installing ADMENU you read the manual carefully. Not only how to install the program the right way, but there are also a lot of tricks to the application.

System requirements :

  • Disk filing system : ADFS, DFS or RFS
  • A BBC Master(I think also an electron) paged @ EOO and shadow RAM
  • 2 SWR sockets. (one for the ADMENU program, and the other for extra Utils)

Known bugs :

  • When a program is launched from ADMENU, CTR+BREAK must be pressed before ADMENU can be launched again.

Plans for future updates :

  • Possibility to copy between the different filing systems (RFS, DFS, ADFS)
  • Let ADMENU use SWR socket 0 to 3, so it won't be erased when programs, like Elite or Repton, uses one of the SWR sockets.




When you downloaded the disc image, you can copy the content to an ADFS disc or internal ADFS hard disc. You can also run the ADMENU installer from the DFS disc. The installer recognizes when you are using an ADFS or DFS system. In the user guide is more explained hot to do this.